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Saturday, February 26, 2011

These Little Piggies Stay Home

These little Piggies Stay Home
There is a very serious side of being a potbellied pig family. That is the awareness that your dear piggy might not be welcome where you live.
There are Potbellied pig companion pets that are losing their homes all over this country every day. In the Unites States especially there is a very big problem with neighbors that don’t either like their neighbor or one that does not want to live next door to a Pig as a pet.
This is where we have had to step in, and help to keep the mostly older ,pig in their home.
I have been involved in numerous cases these last ten years where a Potbellied pig has been a household pet for many years, and all of a sudden someone decides that this animal is not a pet, but it is livestock. The papers are filed and the family receives a notice from the municipality that they have anywhere from ten days to two weeks to remove the beloved family pet or they will be fined in some cases up to $300.00 a day.
Of course the first thing the family does is panic which is the very worst thing they can do in this situation. They don’t understand nor do they know that they are able to fight to keep their pet piggy.
Here is where all the information about out Potbellied pigs being pets comes in to play. Over the years I have been able to compile key information to be used to fight “City Hall”, and win I might add.
With the strategies that I have acquired ,and used successfully in other cases I am able to send the families to a zoning hearing board very well prepared to win their cases.
Over the years I have found in most cases if they use the proper information, and don’t panic . If they present their case in a well planned ,and professional manor they will win hands down.
The key to winning is to acquire the right tools to fight the case. I might also add that not all cases are alike but almost all the cases are based on the livestock laws or swine laws that were put on the books long before the Potbellied Pig was ever in this country. Pre 1985 The laws that they use to kick the pet pig out of their loving home ,are always laws that if given the real definition, pertain to breeder, and feeder pigs which we can prove, without a shadow of a doubt , do not pertain to our pet Potbellied pigs, and never have.
In most municipalities there is absolutely no law at all either for or against the pet Potbellied pig , and any law that is drafted ,and passed after the Potbelly is sited can not pertain either so any potbellied pig living in that city must be grand fathered , and should be safe ,and sound at home on their couch watching TV.
This is what I have been doing for the last ten years there is a zoning website that anyone can use the information ,and a phone number , e-mail address to contact me for help.

Rebecca DiNolfi

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