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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me
by: Rebecca DiNolfi

Sitting alone in my mountain home I feel my spirits surround me.
My Old Man Tree in my forest free blesses each day as he cares for me.
The woods look cold as the west winds blow everyone sleeps in their mounds of snow.
The crisp white snow surrounds my home like a blanket tucked lovingly around me.
Outside I step to greet my day the bright white snow helps blind me.
My eyes see Stone people cold and staunch peeking from under their covers.
Good Morning my magical friends I shout. Today is the day I found Me.
Who’s me? You ask, well what a task it was for me to find her.
She was hidden well this child of love, but now it’s time to unbind her.
This was the child I left behind as I tried to be a woman.
She’ll be my guide staying by my side until all things are unhidden.
She was lost in space this darling face that accepted life as it unfolded.
She was told to be a certain way or she would have to be scolded.
I found her now in my golden years.
As we walk together as one she no longer cares what others may think.
She is free as she should be, and I am here to remind her that
It is ok to just be me because I am who you were meant to be.
I am you and you are me
I am thrilled  I finally found you
because I am you and you are Me.

1 comment:

  1. Yummm... I just love that poem and I just love you, My Lady Becky Fire Elf Shimmer!

    from Abzul, Friend of the Elves

    PS Alberich Ealimon, High King of the Elves, sends his welcome home to you! Each time an Elf awakens, heaven sings!