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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Even a tiny Mouse can show Gratitude



Today I wanted to share another random act of kindness I shared with one of my special animals that I share my life and time with here in my enchanted forest.

Of course living in a magical forest as I do there are always amazing things that happen more often than you could ever imagine.

Let me start by explaining that I try very hard to protect the animal friends that live here with me. One of the things I do all the time is talk to the animals and explain to them my boundaries. I have had many mice over the years and I do not kill them I use a "Have A Heart Trap" to capture them and if it is the dead of winter with snow and Ice everywhere I collect them in a fish aquarium until I can drive them the two miles I need to and I release them at the reservoir so they have a good chance to survive and can't find their way back home to me.

One evening I had to set my trap on the kitchen counter because for the past couple nights I could hear the house mouse scampering around and I could see the tale ,tale signs of the tiny droplets it was leaving of crumbs and other more nasty stuff behind on its midnight food hunt.

I went to bed as usual knowing that in the morning it would be in my trusty trap just waiting to be transported to the beautiful vacation spot I had picked out for them at the dam.

I awoke very early as usual and I glanced at the trap from a distance as I made my way to the bathroom. I could tell that the trap had been sprung and I was delighted to say the least. Another one to take to a better place today I thought.

I took some time to do my morning thing and after I was dressed and had my meager breakfast I went to converse with the critter to let it know what my intention was for its remaining days on this earthly plane. As I gently picked up the small trap and looked in it I got the shock of my life. Looking back at me was a very scared ,shaking tiny Dear Mouse and her 3 pink babies looking back at me. Yep she was pregnant and the fright of getting caught made her have them in the trap that night..

Well needless to say it took me back a little and I needed to regroup . Now what? I thought to myself , I can't let them loose in the wilderness now. After a little while I decided to just let them loose. I knew I would be able to catch them again when the babies were big enough to be released with their Mom. So I found a very small cardboard box to put them all in and I proceeded to open the trap and dump them in it. Well you guessed it, that didn't go well at all. When I looked into the box there were only 3 little pink babies there and Mom was literally flying across the counter for safety..Escape she did.. Here I am standing holding a box with 3 new born baby mice in it feeling like an idiot.

After I got my composure I figured that if I put some tissues in the box to keep them warm and laid it on its side maybe the mom would come back to rescue them. All this while I am talking to the mom to let her know it is ok and I will leave them for her to get when she feels safe..

I set them down and walked away to finish what I needed to do in my bedroom and after a short while I returned to see if they were still in the box. Well to my surprise I came just in time to catch the mom returning to the place she always came through to get into the kitchen. I just saw her tail going down the entrance when I called to her and asked her if she got her kids..By then she had disappeared but in a split second she heard me yell "Hey" and turned around to come back and let me know that she got them and I heard this little thank you and I felt her gratitude as she turned and left me once again. I was able to check the box on the counter and it was completely empty ,she even took the tissues to wrap them in back at their nest. What an awesome feeling that was and I finished my house work that day with a smile on my face knowing I was able to help a frantic mommy mouse save her babies..

Since I moved here I have been blessed to be able to find Bliss in the most simple things in life. Thank you Old Man.. He is my Guardian Tree out back.. who introduced the animals to me when I moved here years ago..I am blessed..