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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day 2014



     I was asked by a friend ,who would I memorialize this Memorial day? This was not a very hard question to answer, because I live every day missing my Guardian Angel Reggie. She was not only my Angel she was my constant companion for the short 14 years she was with me on this earthly plane. She inspired me every day to either write or take a picture or just share the joy she gave to me with others.

     She was an amazing animal who helped me move through the dark night of the soul and pass back into the light. She was sent to me by my Higher Being to guide me and help me through all the hard times I needed to go through to get to where I am now.

     Reggie gave me a reason to get out of bed every day and face the world head on without hesitation. She saved my life and she gave me a new life , a life of joy and laughter, a life of peace and contentment. She made me look through the eyes of an animal ,but not just any animal . She had me looking through the eyes of a pig. Not just any pig ,but a little pig who had no idea she was a pig.     

     Reggie was sent here for a short while to teach others just how special pigs really are. She showed everyone how smart and clean pigs are and how important it is to respect all animals no matter what kind of body they were given by their creator.

     Reggie thrived on her connection with humans. She loved to show off for them and amaze them. This is what she did best. She was one of the most famous good will ambassadors for the potbellied pigs out there at the time. We had mutual respect and love for each other and for what we were doing together at the time. We healed many hearts and gave people a reason to laugh.

     Some of you might wonder why I would pick my pig for this honor. The reason is clear to me why. It is because she was the only one in my life who never disappointed me  in any way. She loved me unconditionally and showed it every day as she followed me around and did anything and everything I asked her to do for me. She loved me more than life and I loved her that much too. Here I am 6 years after she passed still sheading tears for her because I miss her so much. She inspired me in every aspect of my life back then and she is still doing it today.

     When I look back at our life together I still am amazed at what we were able to accomplish together. If it wasn’t for my little black bristly bundle of joy I know in my heart I would not have survived to be here 21 years later or to be writing this to anyone. She not only saved my life but she gave me one amazing life to live and beautiful memories so wonderful to share with lifelong friends I would have never even met if it wasn’t for a special pig who came from heaven to care for me.and care for me she did and still does to this very day.

     So yes my piggy Reggie you are the most deserving of this honor on Memorial Day Weekend. Even though you decided to leave before your time you are still missed by many people who’s lives you touched. Especially me my piggy pal. Mommy misses you and I honor you this special day..You deserve it. Love Mommy.