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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Elusive Smell of Snow

The Elusive Smell of an Approaching Snow Fall
When I was just a small child I can remember my grandma Merna lifting me up on her ample lap . As we sat on her rocker and watched out the kitchen window for the approaching snow fall. She would whisper in my tiny ear."Becky dear it is going to snow today can you smell it in the air?"
When I grew up and had children of my own I would tell them about the crisp , clean smell of snow.
My children always asked me what it smelled like, and I would explain that it smelled ,clean , fresh, cold and beautiful. It smelled like a blanket of crisp white peace that was spread across the land, or a clean white linen table cloth that just came off the line.
As I stood outside today, Just like grandma taught me many years ago I could smell the snow as it fell softly to the ground, and on the way down it kissed my cheeks.
 I felt the peace, but I also felt the loneliness without my grandma there to share the moment.
I blew some snowflakes to heaven just for her to kiss her cheek. I miss you grandma.
I think that only you and I could really smell the snow.
by: Becky DiNolfi ©

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Potbellied Pigs Live Here

If you don't want to be greeted with
snooty kisses and wagging tails,
Don't come inside, because
If you don't like the sound of snuffling, snouts
Don't come inside, because
If you don't want to rub a piggies waiting belly,
Don't come inside, because,
If you think home should be neat and tidy,
Don't come inside, because
If the sight of blankie piles offend you,
Don't come inside, because
But if you don't mind all this and you bring a few treats!!...
You will be instantly loved when you do come inside,

Thank You Creator

Thank You Creator
by:Rebecca DiNolfi ©

As I look out my window, through all the trees,
I see nothing ,but beauty looking at me.
I thank my Creator who moved me far from my home ,
Who placed me in Heaven ,and left me alone .
As I sit at my computer, and write this to you

I thank my Creator for bringing me through.:
Through Heart ache ,and hate
Through grown children, controlling my fate.
Through all the tough things he put on my plate
Through a husband who left because something was missing
Through finding myself all alone reminiscing
Through a need to be loved for just being a wife.
Through sicknesses, that should have taken my life
Through losses that can’t be counted by numbers
Through days that you just need to stay under your covers

I thank my Creator for opening my eyes:
To see all the beauty, and reach for the skies.
To teach other people what love is about
To get Piggy kisses from a muddy snout
To help other people all over the globe,
To be able to keep their pigs in their homes.
To Reiki, and drumming
To friends that abound, all over this world who’s friendships I’ve found
To food in my tummy and a roof over my head I thank my Creator for saving my bed
To talents ,and gifts that have just come my way.
To things that I‘ve learned, and share every day
To Reggie and Pepper my Potbellied Pigs, who tough me to love unconditionally.

To patients , acceptance, and why I am here.
To the needs of others all who I now hold so dear.
To just being me, that it ‘s really OK

So Here’s my intention for this brand New Year
To Pass love to everyone and bring them good cheer.
To raise my vibration
To show them the light
To love unconditionally and make everything bright.
To follow my dreams and believe in Creation
To pass love on to save a great Nation
As I send this to you on this mournful day ,

I'm asking you please count your blessings and pray
For a much better year to come our way.