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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Elusive Smell of Snow

The Elusive Smell of an Approaching Snow Fall
When I was just a small child I can remember my grandma Merna lifting me up on her ample lap . As we sat on her rocker and watched out the kitchen window for the approaching snow fall. She would whisper in my tiny ear."Becky dear it is going to snow today can you smell it in the air?"
When I grew up and had children of my own I would tell them about the crisp , clean smell of snow.
My children always asked me what it smelled like, and I would explain that it smelled ,clean , fresh, cold and beautiful. It smelled like a blanket of crisp white peace that was spread across the land, or a clean white linen table cloth that just came off the line.
As I stood outside today, Just like grandma taught me many years ago I could smell the snow as it fell softly to the ground, and on the way down it kissed my cheeks.
 I felt the peace, but I also felt the loneliness without my grandma there to share the moment.
I blew some snowflakes to heaven just for her to kiss her cheek. I miss you grandma.
I think that only you and I could really smell the snow.
by: Becky DiNolfi ©

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