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Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Cup Pigs are Potbellied Pigs

Tea cup pigs

People  you have no idea the mess these breeders are causing. These so called Royal Dandy ,tea cup, micro, mini pigs ARE  potbellied pigs that is the problem. These unscrupulous breeders breed a young pair around 7 or 8 mo. old who are still small and when the piglets are around a week old they take their pictures beside a tea cup and call them tea cup pigs. The parents are so young that the people that see them think they are going to stay that small but in actuality they continue to grow for 3 to 4 years. In that time they can grow to become over 150 lbs or more. Only about 5 % of all Potbellied pigs stay below the 65 lb range. that is a very small percentage. I have letters from Potbellied pig Vets stating the fact that there is no such thing as a Tea cup , Micro Mini pig. A bear when it is a week old is the size of a tea cup..
They are advertising them for thousands of dollars, and because of all the publicity from the stars that have gotten them , like Paris Hilton ,who's tea cup pig is now over 100 lbs ,They keep on breeding and collecting money. Most of them do not even ask for proof that it is legal to have one in the municipality where they are sending them. We have so called tea cup micro mini pigs in our sanctuaries all over the west coast and TX and Fla..because they got to big. This is a real mess for our zoning and our rescue groups as well as our Sanctuaries all over this country.
We really have a major problem here and it is escalating ..
This is why I am so upset. Rogers case was the first example of why they should never draft a separate law regarding the potbellied pig. They should be added to the already existing pet laws. Why they have to make a completely new law is because they want total control. Even though 99% of all zoning cases actually had nothing at all to do with the pig it was about a neighbor against a neighbor or an over zealous code enforcement officer, or  a gun Ho Animal Control Officer who just happened to see one in someone yard  doing absolutely nothing except grazing or sleeping in the sun.
by : Becky DiNolfi 

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