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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Letter for Me from Heaven by Reggie---- transcribed by: My dear friend Mikki G.

Dear Mom,
I wish I could show you how great it is here. It’s just like the prime time
we shared in life. God has lent me a mom identical to you in every way. I am
healthy am never have to worry about snow. It is perfect here!
God has made me three promises. Comfort, a reason and contact.
He has greeted me with open arms and said, "You will be safe and happy
forever". His forever never quits! Then, out the white clouds an image came
to me. He said, "This is your real Mom in every way. Time is fast here, she
will comfort you until your human mother has made her life accomplishments.
You will never feel loneliness as you develop your new soul." I am to learn
how to prepare the way for you. Don’t worry mom, I am a quick learner and
will help you enter here with no pain or confusion.
I asked God What can I do to help my Real Moms pain? How can I fill her
emptiness?" "Why do you make her suffer so?".
He told me I was confused! That quickly I will learn to see the situation in
a different way.
Overnight I learned everything there is to understand about the two of us.
He said earth angels overcome bad situations. Our sufferings make us develop
and become stronger. When we become stronger we are able to provide the not
so strong with the ability to cope or show compassion.
He told me our unusual earthly companionship was designed because your heart
is weak. I was there to guide you toward strength and courage. He said you
are not of the norm and you would have to fight for your life of giving.
That is the only way humans learn to receive his gift of accomplishment. He
was proud of me for all I accomplished on earth in a short 15 yrs. Of course
he already new my divine design.
Earth Angels are his invisible arms to give you comfort in your weak
moments. I was confused because I am not aware of discomfort. God explained
and I gave thanks to him for planning my life with you.
I still pleaded with God to let me see you one more time. I know you need to
touch me now. I know my words could explain everything and comfort you. He
replied, "Look at yourself Reggie. You have wings and are a glowing spirit."
"Yes, you are Reggie in every way, yet you have left that tired old body on
earth." Remember time is quick here she will be here soon"".
As promised, he provided me with the ability by other means to write to you.
Mom, I promise that some day you will be provided with the ability to laugh
when you say my name. Tears will be replaced by pride and thankfulness.
Pride from the work we did will develop into higher levels of accomplishment
during your human life. This is meant to be your design.
I wish you could visit me. I will tell you I am a super star here! Mind you,
ego is not here, I say all this from the warmth in my heart. There is not
anyway to explain to humans what wonderful comfort is here.
Perhaps in your terms it can be compared to accomplishments. You think I
could do tricks down there, wait to you see me now! I play with souls that
love to run across green grasses. Kids that never had legs to run and I
teach them. I do tricks for the new children arriving until they have their
first learning class. I speak with adults about memories and ways we can
help a human. I am an "Official Greeter". I learned I was taken from you
so quickly because business is good here and I am in great demand! Mom, I am
booked all the time and I love it! It was all part of the plan. When you are
strong enough I am needed in other ways. God knows our bodies age, yet our
goodness continues.
Well Mom, God has kept his three promises and he tells me it is time to move
on. I am there with you but in a different way. Clear your thoughts Mom, and
start working as he planned. Mom, help my Pepper, she is confused. We were
blessed soul mates, and I continue to be blessed here.
Keep my name as positive thoughts Mom, and I shall guide you through your
human life. I love you more than ever. We will always be soul mates.
I love you Mom
P.S. Top secret! Did you know that God takes your soul before your body
gives up? I never felt pain! He always has the best ideas!

Transcribed by: My dear friend Mikki G. 

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