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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting a Grip on Reality

Well everyone I need to share this ,I hope I don't offend anyone. This is just my opinion on the happenings around us now.
I have been getting the same message for years from either my higher self
,my Faeries , the elementals, the animals, My Crystal Skulls or it could be just from the
person I call the "Nut in My head" The message is always the same .
It always comes to me when I am trying to grasp what is happening around
I see all the losses, of people, animals and things we are not supposed
to get attached to. I am experiencing the high energy that knocks me out
,and forces me to regroup. I am going through that stage right now. When I
try to discuss it with friends that don't have the insight they just
give me a high eyebrow.
When I tell someone what my Tree told me about the Earth
I am told by certain friends that It looks like the pigs just aren't doing it for you
any more are they Becky ?.With a snicker..
Still The message I get is always the same. What Difference do you make?
In the complete picture I am feeling that this is what it is all about.
Don't just talk the talk walk the walk. .I know so many friends that keep
going to different classes to learn how to meditate this way and then a
new class says meditate that way or do this or do that.. They never apply
what they learned to their lives or any ones life.
We all are in a very confusing time here on this planet at this time. I
just came off another list where they are passing the word to get ready
to be lifted off this planet and the ships are waiting to load us now, We
don't need our luggage everything will be provided.. Who really knows
maybe they are.
I don't even know what I am trying to say any more it is so confusing.
In my humble opinion we all need to do what we personally feel is the
right thing to help whoever needs help at this time. If it takes grid
work with the skulls or Reiki or Drumming or helping children find the
magic in making a Faerie home for their Faerie garden. We need to just
be available to help where ever we can with whatever tools and gifts we
have been blessed with. We are especially blessed by having contact with
these special Skulls to help along the way ,but we all need to make a
difference in our own neck of the woods..
Now I have you all confused like me.. LOL
So we need to make a difference ,if only for one person..
Blessings of Love and Light
My Lady Becky

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