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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Touch of Love

The Touch of Love

As I lie on the couch my hand drifts down to feel the rough bristles on
my Potbellied Pig Reggie
Once again for these many years she is right there to give me
healing, and hope.
She is the scratchy feel of love and companionship that only we can
My Reggie , and I have passed through many trials and tribulations over
the years we have shared together.
We have been constant companions ,and very best friends for all her short
life. The feel of her rough skin is comforting beyond belief because I
know we are still here together as our Higher Being meant us to be, from
the very beginning of her wonderful life.
She has taught me so much about the real meaning of why we are here on
this planet at this time, and space.
We have worked together as pet partners doing what I am doing now just
soaking in the love she radiates to any who would like to pet her small
head, and give her a scratch behind an ear.
She asks nothing in return for all the love, and laughter she abounds .
Her little head held high to receive a small treat ,and a compliment
because she is so good, and does her tricks so well.
She is my Guardian Angel in a little chubby ,black, bristled body, and I
am grateful to my Creator for sending her to me to share with everyone we
meet to help them have a better day.
That is what she was sent here to do. So even though she is not soft ,and
furry her heart sure is, and that’s all that counts in the end of time.
It’s about what we gave not what we got.
By : Becky DiNolfi
2/1/2005 ©

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