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Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Willow White Feather

Little Willow White Feather

        A few years ago  a  woman in our county  had a herd of 54 potbellied pigs confiscated for abuse.  Our Pig Placement Network was involved in placing these pigs in homes when the  court cases were over. There were litters being born every week  and there was one beautiful black and white piglet  that I fell in love with.  I brought her home to live with my older pig Pepper and I. Her name is Little Willow White Feather.    
     Willow  was wonderful from the start. She allowed me to handle her immediately which  is unheard of with new piglets. I started training her to a harness and leash and then a ramp, then came the tricks and before I knew it she was doing them perfectly.
     By the time she was 9 month old Willow and I were doing educational shows for  children at our County Libraries. She wowed them with her piano  and  then her horns . She unrolled her carpet with gusto , topped off with her showing superior intelligence for her flash cards.  As she showed them how a pig could add, and subtract simple math everyone was stunned. Then she showed the kids how well she knew her colors.
     We always end our show proving how pigs can read minds . I ask someone to pick a color  card and not say what it is out loud,  then I ask Willow to pick the right one from the  2 I hold in my hands. She picks the right one every time. She has even made the local news paper because of her special  talents.  Willow is some pig. I am so blessed to be able to cuddle with her every night on the couch. She is defiantly one of my blessings.
By Becky DiNolfi

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