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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Genesis of a Pig

author unknown
Genesis of the Pig
A very long time ago, when the EARTH was still new and the MOTHER walked among the animals teaching them the wisdom that they would later teach to humans. She gave each animal a gift. She called them all together in the GARDEN and to some she gave the gift of beauty, to some the gift of swiftness, to some the gift of strength,and so one until each animal had received a giftfrom the MOTHER, but PIG was not there.
Pig was out looking for tasty roots and did not come to the GARDEN until the MOTHER was giving the last animal its gift. The PIG cried because the MOTHER had already given out her gifts. The MOTHER saw the PIG crying and asked what was wrong. PIG said, "I was late and now you have given away all your gifts. I will have nothing to teach the humans."
The MOTHER gently took the PIG into her lap and rubbed his ample belly, kissed his wet snout, and told him not to cry. She said, "I have saved the best gift for you PIG." PIG said, "but I am not beautiful, or strong or swift. I will be despised by humans."
The MOTHER thought for a moment on how to explainto PIG how great his gift was. Finally after awhile she said: PIG, you have all of those gifts and something more within you, but because they are within you it will take a very special person who is seeking greater wisdom to find them." PIG did not understand, but PIG trusted MOTHER and went back to digging for roots.
Humans came to the GARDEN and found all the beautiful animals with their gifts. But humans didn't care for PIG. He was not beautiful or swift, or strand and the humans shunned him, preferring the other animals who preened and showed off their gifts.
Then after awhile a woman came to PIG and sat down where PIG was eating. It was the first time that a human had come to be with PIG and he stopped eating and looked at her curiously. She looked deep into his eyes and saw the gift that the MOTHER had hidden so well and she loved PIG for who he was and respected PIG for the wonderful gift the MOTHER had given him to share with humans.
I can't put into words what the gift was that the MOTHER gave to PIG. You have to look into the eyes of PIG and find it for yourself.
For each human it will be different. It will be the gift they need to find to help them search for wisdom. Not that many humans will discover the gift PIG has to offer, they will be dazzled by the gifts the MOTHER gave to the other animals. But for those that do, they are forever changed and will never see the world in quite the same way.
They are the ones that root like PIG through what is on top to find the treasures hidden below the surface. They are the seekers of truth who understand that the truly great gifts of wisdom are not always on the surface but are hidden treasures to be found only by seeing with the heart instead of the eyes...

You will never know what you have missed until you have met and truely loved a pig,

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