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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Different Kind of Fairy Tale

       Most fairy tales begin with, “Once Upon a Time”, but not my fairy tale. It doesn’t start that way, because it isn’t from a long time ago, it’s from this time and place.  It is my fairy tale.  It began the day I moved into my new home in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It was warm that day in July of 2003 when my two potbellied pigs, Reggie and Pepper and I arrived at our last homely place. I unpacked the SUV and headed to the front door of our new home nestled snugly in the enchanted woods. When I opened the door I was greeted with the overwhelming feeling that this was going to be an amazing new adventure. .
     I set my things on the floor, because there was nowhere else to put them. Unfortunately I had another month to wait before my furniture would be delivered, so that meant the house was empty except for one small chair left behind by the previous owner. The pigs were snooting around from room to room as I headed for the sliding glass door in the dining room to let in some fresh air and see what was happening on the deck out back.
      As I stepped onto the deck I noticed a wonderful old maple tree.  A strange feeling crept over me as I was gazing at this tree. I got the feeling I was not alone. I could not understand why I was feeling this way. All I knew was that I felt happier at this moment than I had felt in a long time. I felt a sense of peace and overwhelming gratitude to finally be here. It had been a very hard time I had just gone through to get where I was now after my divorce.
     I continued to unpack and settle into my new place. A month passed and my stuff   arrived.  It was suddenly August and the nights were getting a lot warmer so I was able to keep my doors and windows open for longer periods of time. It was a delightful summer and I could see the autumn leaves starting to appear here and there in the forest behind my home.  My Potbellied pigs and I spent a lot of time there just walking among the wild flowers and trees. Of course they did taste a few flowers here and there.
     Whenever I was in the forest I always had a strange feeling of being watched, but I could not tell where it was coming from. This feeling was something I never experienced before. It was a little unnerving, but not scary. Somehow this actually made me feel protected. As time went on this feeling of being watched got stronger.
     This was the first time I had ever lived by myself and I absolutely loved my new- found freedom. Then one day like magic I discovered where the feeling of being watched was coming from.  It was coming from my old maple tree.
      Since I am a professional dowser I decided to use my pendulum, and A-B-C chart, to locate where the strange feeling was coming from. My pendulum told me it was the  maple tree. I had just discovered how to use a pendulum to speak to my animals and trees any time I wanted. This was the beginning of something  amazing. My tree told me his name was “Old Man” and he was my guardian. Then he gave me a special name. It was, ‘My Lady Rebecca Fire Elf Shimmer.”  He even told the forest creatures, and now they  call me My Lady Rebecca. I knew that day I was living in a magical place and I was blessed to have been brought here by my Angels and Higher Being. Strange things started to happen after that day with Old Man.  
     Time was moving fast my first summer here. One hot summer morning  I was working on a zoning case and I glanced out the window of my office.  I noticed my neighbor’s cat  Peanut playing with something in his yard.  I realized he had a chipmunk and was tossing it in the air. I grabbed my garden gloves and  rushed out the front door. Peanut saw me and took off. I ran to the little chipmunk lying motionless on the ground and picked it up. I cupped him in my hands and immediately began sending Reiki energy. Reiki is a very old Japanese alternative healing modality that uses life force energy to heal. I am a Reiki Grand Master and it is just natural for me to do this. It seemed like forever, but he finally opened his eyes and looked at me.  I could see the blood running down his tiny cheek. He was scared to death. All of a sudden he jumped out of my hand and scampered away.  I said goodbye and went back home to finish my zoning case.
      A few weeks later I was by my feeders and I noticed a chipmunk with scars on his face. I asked him if he was the same chipmunk the cat had hurt, and he told me yes and introduced himself as Odie.   From that day on Odie and I became the best of friends, I saw him inside my home one day looking out my sliding glass door at his friends on the deck to let them know he was special. He left me many presents of seed and peanuts that summer and many summers to follow. Odie has since passed into spirit, but he will always be very special to me because he was the first wild animal that talked to me. I even befriended a mole named Moe who would allow me to pet him while he ate seed from under the fallen leaves.
        Summer had suddenly turned into fall and the trees were dressed in every  color you could imagine. There was a golden glow coming from my enchanted forest. I loved talking to my trees and animals all summer. It was an amazing experience to feel the closeness I felt to these creatures.
       Then one morning in mid September, I received a phone call from my psychic friend Nancy . We talked a while ,then she said, “Becky, do you know that you are living on a port hole?"   “No!” I said, “but I wouldn’t be surprised.”  I proceeded to tell her everything that had been happening here since the day I arrived. She also told me there is a tribe of 27 forest fairies residing here with me and my two pigs. I was really excited to know I that. I have always believed in the Fey ." Nancy," I said, "This explains so much."  
        After we said good bye, I used my pendulum to ask my fairy queen her name. I connected immediately and she told me her name was Noni.  She said she has been here forever. Noni also told me how happy they all were that I had moved here and  they were here to take care of me. Then she began to explain how upset they were with me for putting my lawn tractor by the shed, because it killed all the grass. I explained to her that this was the only place I could put it, and then she said “You should have put it in the shale drive way.” I apologized to her, and I said, "As long as the grass was already dead I am going to leave it there."  We agreed ,and she explained to me that I needed to warn them before I cut the grass so they could get out of my way in time.
     I was amazed about the fairies and I never told anyone I was talking to them or the trees and animals. I guess I was still skeptical, but that disappeared the day some fairies were seen dancing in my hair. This actually happened the next summer at Sacred Spaces a Healing Zone and Angel gift shop I frequented  for classes .  That  day I was with my friends Nora and Patty watching an Eagle soar over the brook out back of the store. Patty started to laugh and she began to tell us she could not see the Eagle because of  the fairies that were dancing in my hair . Nora said that she was not surprised at all. Well needless to say I was shocked , but because of what happened that day I am now known to my friends as the fairy lady, and I was asked to work with the children at summer camp making fairy houses in the local parks near my home the next summer.
       Since that time I have watched my forest fairies at 3:00 am twinkling in the trees in my front yard and I have made fairy gardens of my own around my home for my friends to enjoy, but I have a special place that is still untouched and wild for them to dance and play, as they really do love wild places.
      I  have adorned my SUV from front to back with fairies, and across the front is a statement that tells it all. “Don’t Piss Off the Fairies”. This is what they tell me all the time, because they are not at all happy with us humans of late. This is the exact reason they disappeared from this dimension many long years ago. Today they will only appear to special children and adults that take them seriously. The ones that keep Mother Earth free from harm.
     I always call on the fairies when I hold my Medicine Wheel Drumming Circles to help heal Mother Earth, or when I open my Elven star gate to allow the Elf Masters return. I know in my heart they are with me everywhere I go to protect me, because I have become one of them in spirit. I am now and will always be a fairy ambassador and activist who keep’s a very special place in my heart and my home for the wee folk, because they were here way before we ever stepped onto this planet.
     The message they want me to convey is this. Fairies are real and they will be showing themselves to more people from time to time.  They told me to ask you to keep your eyes, and your heart open to feel the love they have for you and our Mother Earth. They want you to learn where to look for them, but most of all you must believe  with all your heart and soul.  Become like little children again.
       Do not fear to be the way you were meant to be before you were told that it was not ok to be that way. I believe that the hardest part of becoming an adult is leaving our inner child behind and all alone. She is the child I had to say good bye to many years ago. I have found my inner child again since I arrived here in this special place in the enchanted woods, and she is now free to be who she was meant to be. You see, I am her and she is me.
      I'm not afraid to tell my Fairy Tale, because of what someone might think of me. I 'm way  past that nonsense now.  I am now an outrageous  older woman, who in my golden years has been cut free ,and I owe it all to my potbellied pigs , my Old Man tree, my forest creatures, and especially the faeries.  Yes, fairies  are real to those of us who believe, and  I really do believe in fairies with all my heart, maybe you should too. It is amazing to finally become who I was meant to be, and live my life happily ever after.
The End


  1. Lovely, lovely story, Becky. Thanks.
    Eileen :8))

  2. Thanks Eileen It was one of my assignments for my writing class.I had fun writing it.