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Friday, April 22, 2011



     My girlfriend Susan just called me . She was on her way to see a little pig that was hit by a car get operated on. We talked a while and somehow the subject of regrets came up.
She said  I should write about it so here I am at my computer searching for some regrets to write about.
     What is a regret? My definition of a regret is something you might have done that you are feeling sorry for now.
 I'm trying my best to remember any regrets I might have, but I can 't think of even one .
      The reason I know I do not have any regrets is because I have come to a time in my life on this earth where I have the realization that everything happens for a reason .       What that reason might be may not be apparent at this particular time, but there will be some day when we have that ah ha moment and we just know. You might say we get it.
     I also don't have any regrets because if I were to go back and change anything in my past I know I would not be the person I have become today.  It is almost like going back in a time machine and changing the past. If the past is somehow changed the future would not be the same. I would not be here writing this to you and you would not be here reading it.
     Who knows what might have transpired and what time line I would have taken. I also believe in parallel lives  so where would I have been today if I had not left my first husband and married my second one? What would I have been doing if I had not had my heart attacks? Would I have become a pig parent and gone into the healing field?  Would I have been able to find the courage to do what I did and go where I went had it not been for a pig that captured my heart and the heart of others?
     What would I have been doing if I had given in to the panic attacks that I was having after my near death experience? What if my attitude was like so many others that just give up on their lives just because something happened that made it tougher?
     Regrets No I have no regrets I have a full wonderful life because I used my life to help others and that is the secret . Find something that makes you passionate and run with it.
     Keep kicking yourself out of bed every morning no matter how bad you might feel. Find something that makes your life  meaningful .
Go to a nursing home and read to the patients, make lap blankets, write a letter for someone that can't write anymore.
Call a friend and make them laugh, Do anything you can to take your mind off your own problems and they won't seem so big. Whittle them down by doing good things whenever you can.
     So maybe there were regrets at some time in my life but I'll be dammed if I can recall them now.  I have too much good to think about. Now is my time to shine and I intend to shine on with all my heart and soul. With No Regrets..

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