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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Faerie Festival


   "It's finally here", Today is the day  , My Lady Rebecca Fire Elf Shimmer shouted out loud to nobody in particular. She had been waiting forever for this day to arrive. The day for her Faerie Festival was finally here. Father sun was barely peeking above the horizon, and the pallet in the sky was  a colorful, purple, and red with a little magenta splashing around the edges of the fluffy white clouds in the crystal blue sky.
     My Lady Rebecca is a very magical being. She might be in her sixties, but nobody really knows for sure.  She's  a little chubby ,and her hair is shoulder length, streaked with silver white , there is  a touch  of teal and purple just to frame her face.  Soft curls cuddle her baby faced features.  If you look real close you can even see the sparkle of some faeries in her hair. She still looks like the little girl in the picture she has of herself, and her father sitting on top of the bookcase in her living room.
      My Lady  is one of the few characters  that looks like she is getting younger instead of older, and her steel blue eyes twinkle like crystals as she stands quietly in front of her picture window to greet her day.  
     Focusing  her eyes intently on the front yard, and her forest  she noticed something completely unexpected.  To her amazement something wonderful had happened outside last night. She had been fretting for weeks about how she was going  to get her property ready in time for her Faerie Festival today.
     As she stood there she began to  smile, because in the distance she could hear a faint sound of a  few little snickers, and a chuckle or two, and she  knew instantly that it was her Faeries, Divas, and Brownies. They, along with her animal friends had been working all night pitching the colorful tents ,and string the sparkling lights so that all the venders had to do was to arrive with their wares.  She just smiled ,and shook her head in amazement.  Now that the hard part was finished she could relax a little.
     My Lady needed to finish her morning ritual, and get herself, and her piggy's Pepper, and Willow White Feather ready for the day's festivities.  Her festival is going to be the first Faerie Festival ever held in this area. What an exciting thought that was.
There was going to be one tent for  nothing but crystals that sparkled like ice in the sunshine. Another tent would have only Pendulums, and dowsing rods. The rainbow colored tent was to be her tent where she intended to show the towns people just how wonderful  and talented  her Potbellied pigs were.  There was a blue tent for magic. The red one for Tarot readings. The yellow one was for Reiki, and other healing modalities. One was for herbs, spices, and essential oils imported from the four comers of the Universe.  Everything  that was going to be offered here today was pertaining to Mother Earth Energy.
     Realizing how late it was getting  My Lady said to Willow and Pepper, " If nothing else girls the village people will defiantly learn something special today that they never knew before".
     After finishing  her breakfast of sprouts, and sparkling water she turned to Little Willow ,and said," Willow it is time to get your bath dear". Willow gave a soft grunt of protest, as she turned to scamper away My Lady bent down in a flash, snatch her up ,and  tucked her close so she could not escape. While the pig squealed in protest off to the bath they went , as  Pepper followed .   With their baths done and their costumes on and their faerie wings attached ,one more job was done.
       It was getting late, and My Lady was in a hurry to get outside to examine the festival grounds for herself. Everything seemed to be in perfect order according to plan. There were many bright colored tents lining the driveway all the way to her cottage door. She glanced at her plans again to make sure that she had placed every tinker, craftier, and artisan just right. Willow was at her side as usual.
     My Lady took out her  list and tuned  to Little Willow as she recited all the different  characters that were to arrive there very soon.
     "Willow", she said", You, and Pepper, and I will be in the rainbow tent at the beginning of the lane" . "That is where you will perform all of your tricks so everyone can see how special, and smart pigs really are dear. " Are you ready"? "Yes I am.", grunted Little Willow as her white tipped tail wagged feverishly to signify her joy.
     My lady had one more thing that needed to be checked. The sound system was the last thing on her list.  After all what is a Faerie Festival without music.  
      Just at that moment she spied her friend  Pon her resident black bear. Pon had been  wondering around from tent to tent checking trash barrels just in case one of the elves might have left a little smidgen of food behind. As Pon rambled from one barrel to the other you could tell she was mentally  keeping track of where they all were  located.  She knew that after the festivities, when everyone was gone ,she could return, and raid the cans when they were full of goodies.
     Things here seemed  in order, so My lady called to Willow,  "Come, Willow I need to get ready myself now dear.  I have to get this blasted crystal top on so I can be ready to greet my guests in one hour"." Hurry now you little scamp". Willow gave a grunt as she followed her  Mom to the cottage so she could take a short nap before her big debut.
This will be the first time the village folks had been to My Lady Rebecca's. They had no idea what to expect. 
     Walking up the lane to the cottage with Little Willow by her side . She thought to herself, Today is going to be the very best day ever, I intend ,and so it is..

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