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Friday, April 1, 2011

Elven Love Once Again


(Spring 2011) by: Judy Songy

Rumblings of Hope Bubble up through Majestic Silence!
All in a day’s Portal That was placed aside for them.

A day’s worth of simple, delicate hours
 Prayers said, songs sung ,long deep sighs
 As Masters enter, once again, this weary dimension.

The grateful, now human forms,
 Look to hear and listen to see
Once again…
…who they were when dimensions blended well under the stars!

A sigh of recognition allows Elthia to move us again
            To places outside space,
    Where time holds itself like a rainbow…
       …neither here nor there,
    but rather like a radiating Beauty unfolding  Herself.  

As the Masters now move among us They beckon
       The knowing and the unknowing
           To turn to Elthia
To find Her in the stars above.

They point us to those stars
That are our guidepost and our real home!

And We say to you,

“May this starlight fill your mind’s eye
      and flow from your hearts,
knowing that as you allow this
we smile on you…for all your days!

We are here and we see you as complete!”

1 comment:

  1. this is a poem by my friend Judy in Mississippi. It was inspired by the elven gate we are opening in this time and space. Thank you Judy for letting me to post this to my blog
    Hara Nariesse is Elven for, "Stay In happiness."
    My Lady Rebecca Fire Elf Shimmer, High Elf