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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Missing Crystal Skull

The Missing Crystal Skull

       My day started rather uneventfully as I sat alone on my back deck and sipped the hot cup of tea I was holding so carefully in my hands. Today will be another beautiful day just like yesterday. It was still very early, and the rising sun was warming everything around me. I didn't have a lot of time to spend looking at the colorful sunrise, because I needed to prepare for an appointment with a new client at 11 o'clock this morning.
     Just as I was finishing my tea the phone started to ring. Before I answered the call I took a quick glance at the number on the caller ID. It was a long-distance number. Who in the world could possibly be calling me from out of state at this early hour? I picked up the phone and on the other end of the line was my very dear friend Donna from Washington State. She was calling to tell me about a problem she was having with one of her crystal skulls. Before I was able to ask what the problem was, she began to ramble on about her favorite crystal skull, Lister.
     Crystal skulls have always played a very important part in Mayan history and have been kept as sacred entities by different indigenous cultures all over the world. They were and still are used today as tools for healing and storing important information. They have also been known to convey messages to their care givers by telepathy. Ancient crystal skulls like the Mitchell- Hedges Skull of Love that was featured in the Indiana Jones movie, The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls, have been around for many thousands of years. This skull has been taken all over the world so people can see it and take their own skulls to be placed in its presence and be downloaded with information that has been stored in this particular skull many decades ago. It is only recently that the contemporary crystal skulls of today have been so popular for people like Donna and I to keep as a spiritual talisman in our homes. It is believed that ancient information can be downloaded into any crystal skull that happens to be in its presence.
     A few years ago I sent my little tree agate skull, Tree Herder, to be placed in a room with this particular skull so he could pick up information to be brought back home to be shared with the rest of my skull family.
     You see the amazing gift these very old Crystal skulls bring to the world is the gift of ancient knowledge.
      It is believed by our crystal skull community that important ancient knowledge has been stored for eons in the original 13 ancient Crystal skulls. At this time only a few of these original skulls have been located. These particular skulls are believed to have come from the missing continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.
     Crystal skulls have been used in rituals by indigenous tribes all over the world for thousands of year. It is claimed by the experts that if the contemporary skulls, most of us have today ,are placed near an ancient Crystal skull it will transfer information from skull to skull. It is also said that the sacred information stored in the ancient skulls is information that will not be released to us until the rest of the remaining 13 Crystal skulls are finally located and are reunited and placed in a circle of life with the 13th skull being placed directly in the center of the circle. Then and only then will this information be released to humanity to help save Mother Earth. This information was put into the ancient crystal skulls for the end times by the Atlantean civilization before the fall of Atlantis.
     "Becky," Donna said, "Lister is trying to tell me something very important and I  can't seem to understand what it is." Donna wanted to know if 1 could help her find out what Lister was trying to tell her. " Absolutely I replied. I  will have some extra time this afternoon after my appointment. "I will try to connect with him then.
     After she told me a few more details and we said goodbye. I finished getting ready for my morning appointment. I had to drive rather far so it would give me some time to think about what was wrong with Lister, and why Donna couldn't understand him. That really seemed strange to me, because she is a much better communicator with her crystal skulls than I am with mine.
     The appointment went great and I had the long trip home to think more about Donna, and Lister. I knew for a fact that all of these skulls contained super intelligence. Those of us who are their caretakers are just beginning to
learn how intelligent they really are. I am a caretaker of my own family of crystal skulls that I work all the time. I always use them when I give Reiki treatments and when I do my Medicine Wheel Drumming circles. I also use them in many other things that I participate in with my spiritual family. I know they are great to use during meditations also.
     It took a while, but I was finally home. As I opened my door and stepped inside I could feel that the energy field inside my home had changed drastically. It felt like there was something terribly wrong.
  It seemed to me that ever since I was attuned to the Reiki Grand Master level I have become very sensitive to subtle energy changes around me, and the change in my home's energy was overwhelmingly noticeable right now. I went into my office, and dumped my stuff from my appointment in a corner. Then I went from there to the area of my living room where I could feel the biggest difference in the energy field. This negative energy just happened to be right where my crystal skulls were kept.
     Something seemed different to me, but what was it? What could have changed so much while I was gone? After I looked around I noticed one of my skulls was missing. There was an empty space in the circle of life on the table where I kept them. I always placed them in circles, running from the largest to the smallest. There was usually a larger circle with a smaller one inside. It was in the smaller inner circle that the gap appeared. Well, I thought, that kind of narrows it down. The skull that's missing definitely has to be one of my smaller ones. I will need to check my inventory sheet because I can't remember what skull held that position in the circle.
      The circle of life had been broken. This was a bad sign. It was upsetting to know that someone had invaded my personal space.
     I began to realize that over these past five years my skull family had grown quite large. I now had 45 in my home. I had been collecting crystal skulls long before anyone even thought about making the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Now, one is missing, but why only one? If someone had entered in my home to take a skull wouldn't they have taken them all, not just one? After all they were worth a lot of money. I had no idea how this had happened. I knew there was no way that anybody could have gotten into my home while I was gone, and there were no signs of a break-in. I also knew that I hadn't worked with any skulls in a ceremony for a while so this left out the chance that I might have used this skull and left it somewhere. I needed to find out which skull is missing. After I returned to my office for the inventory list I went over it carefully. The empty space that was in the circle could have only belonged to one of my smaller skulls, so that eliminated the large ones.
      After checking my list carefully, I discovered that the missing skull was my little Tree Herder. He was a beautiful high energy white and green tree agate that I always used in my Mother Earth Healing rituals.
     Now, I knew exactly why Tree Herder was the one that had been taken. He was the only skull in my collection that had been in the presence of the Mitchell Hedges Skull of Love. He was suppose to collect important information that had been given to the Skull of Love in ancient times.
      After that occurred he was sent back home to me to be placed back in the circle of love where he was kept until he disappeared this morning.
     Just then the shrill ring of the phone brought me back to reality. I saw it was Donna calling me back. I really hadn't had time to speak to Lister for her, because of all the confusion here about Tree Herder missing from his sacred spot.
      Donna was really excited. She told me she thought she knew what Lister was trying to say. She proceeded to ask me if I had taken time to speak with
him. I said," no not yet," and I began to tell her what happened here while I was gone. After explaining everything to her, I told her why I thought Tree Herder was the only skull taken. She agreed with me. "Why else would anyone come in my home and take only one of my skulls and leave all the other ones behind?" She asked. "It had to be for the ancient information he had stored in him?" Right?"
     Before I could answer Donna started to get very excited. She told me Lister was starting to glow. She asked me if I was feeling any vibrations from him. I told her that I could feel my phone starting to heat up. We were both beginning to wonder what that meant, when all of a sudden Lister started to talk. Donna and I both shut up immediately and switched our phones to speaker so we could both hear what Lister was about to tell us.
     Lister's voice was very deep and raspy. There was a hint of a Peruvian accent. He spoke very slowly and precise. He proceeded to tell Donna and me that my skull, Tree Herder and all the other crystal skulls that have ever been in the presence of the Mitchell Hedges Skull of Love had disappeared from their homes all over the planet today.
      He told us how he knew this. He said he knew because all the information about this important incident was being passed from skull to skull all over the earth just like e-mail on our computers. He then told us that nobody from this place and time had taken him.
      All these skulls were taken by a higher intelligence and tellaported to a different dimension to be used at the end of all things to help stop the escalating Earth changes before us humans and our planet is destroyed forever.
      Lister continued to explain how they were all being reprogrammed right now with vital information by The Skull of Love and the other ancient crystal skulls for this predicted moment in time. He talked about 2012 and how that time line has sped up.
      "We are out of precious time." he said, "Right now the 13 ancient skulls are being reunited along with all the other contemporary skulls on earth to combine their energy and knowledge for one purpose and one purpose only."
     Suddenly my other crystal skulls began to glow. Donna told me her skulls were glowing too. Then "Lister said," "The healing of Earth has begun."
    Looking out of my window I could see everything slowly become more vibrant and alive. Lister was right. It had begun. At this very moment we were witnessing a new day dawning on our Planet Earth.

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