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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Live Your Life Out Loud

Living your Life Out Loud

     I'm sure you have heard it said. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Well I'm here to tell you it defiantly, unequivocally  is.
     It is not only the first day ,but it is the only day you are given in this space and time. We do not have tomorrow yet and yesterday is gone forever. Well for some people I know tomorrow will never be gone, because this is where they center all their attention and energy. They are stuck in gear and can't get the mind and emotions going to get to the next gear.
     Living your negative past over and over is the absolute worst thing anyone can do for their selves.
    It is so damaging to the self that it will eat away at you piece by piece until there is absolutely nothing left of the you that once lived in your heart and soul.      
     The you that was meant to be will be gone ,and if you do not look beyond what has been ,you will never experience the amazing things that are meant to be.. They will just pass on buy, and never be known to you because of your past life obsession.
     How do I know this you ask, well I was there at one time of my life. I was so obsessed at what had happened in the past I could not see the forest for the trees so to speak. I mourned everything and everyone until I had no tears left to shed. Then one day like  magic I realized what I was doing to myself and I had a rude awakening. It was the best thing that could ever have happened to me.
I woke up one day and realized that there was nobody on this earthly plain that could fix what was wrong except me. I was the one I was looking for.         
    What a joy it was to know that I had everything I needed right here inside me to make all my dreams come true.
   From that day on I looked to my higher being and started to listen to my heart instead of the nut in my head for the answers to all my problems. I was able to answer many questions and manifest everything I could ever imagine.
     I have come a very long way since that day and I am now living my life out loud in a beautiful enchanted place surrounded by every creature you could dream of. I have become who I was intended to be and I love who I have become. Just because I stopped living in the past.
     It is amazing what can and does happen when you stop dwelling on the negative and embrace the positive  that has been right in front of you all this time just waiting to be recognized for what it is.
     I always express the gratitude I feel for having gone through so many lessons in my life so I could arrive in this time and space. I am blessed to have been given many special gifts to use to help humanity and Mother Earth in this time of transition.
     We all need to take stock of what we can give not what we are missing, because if you look real hard you will see you really are not missing anything at all. It is all right there in front of you to use to help someone . Even if it is just a smile or a kind word or a laugh to share along the way to make things a little brighter on a cloudy day.
     Think outside the box use your God given gifts to lift someone up from the depths of despair. Too many today just glide along in the fog that is consuming them, and never give another thought to who might be in need of a random act of kindness. 
     Many years ago when I was a pet partner of my Pig Reggie we performed many random acts of kindness and it lifted our souls to heights unknown . We soared all the way home from the nursing home . Reggie has passed into spirit now, but I will never forget the lessons she taught me in those days we were together as a team. She taught me love, compassion, courage and she gave me strength to go on without her.
     She taught me that it doesn't matter what you look like even a  little  pig can bring a smile to the face of someone living in their last homely place.
She taught me how to laugh and how to cry. She gave me memories I will cherish and lessons I will never forget to take forward  on my journey now in my last homely place here in my enchanted woods.
   So If you truly need to look back once in a while only look at what makes you happy not what does not matter now. 
     Take the good lessons you learned and apply them to today and always try real hard to live your life out loud. 
     Life is way to short to be looking over your shoulder at what used to be. Take time to see what is here in the present and you might just find yourself. The self you have been looking so hard for.

Bright Blessings


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