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Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening of the Elven Gate


Elven Star Gate Opening Prayer

We of the Elvin blood here in the enchanted

mountains of the Poconos, thank the Elf Masters for

 your support and blessings for this opening of our

permanent star gate.

I My Lady Becky Fire Elf Shimmer invoke every Diva

 and Elemental here to be a part of this historic


I also invoke  The Great Spirit ,Jesus and the Angelic

Realm as well as the Ascended Masters, I invoke the

Whale Energy along with the Dolphin Energy to be

here to greet those of the Elvin Hierarchy who choose

to return to this blessed place of honor at this time. I

also invoke Reiki Energy for our highest good and the

highest good of all. I call on the Violet Flame to purify

and light the way for all to see .

I invoke the help and participation of my crystal skull

family to hold the different directional points and to

clear the way for a positive entry into this dimension

at this time and place.

Please bless us Great Spirit ,and watch over us as we

intend to usher only positive energies into being

through this star gate at this time and any time

there after that we invoke the opening of this magical


Hold the energies pure and bless it with love of the

highest vibration for all who arrive here at my last

homely place.

I welcome you with open arms and heart link with

you for eternity along with My Pigs Pepper and

Willow , and my Angelic pig Reggie , my Skull family

and my Old Man tree myForest family ,my Fairies and

Divas ,my Elf Master Anikin , My Queen Noni , my

Jini's , Brownie and my Leprechaun are here to bid

you Welcome . I intend and so it is..

Blessings of White Light I give to you as I remain In

your service always,

 Your Lady Rebecca Fire Elf Shimmer


  1. Congratulations on thesuccessful co-creation of your Full Moon Elvengate My Lady Rebecca Fire Elf Shimmer. Mother Earth joins her voice to sing with the newly arriving Elven Host... what a most wonderful gift for us all... & with Earth Day is on the 22nd of April, what great timing!

  2. I humbally bow to you Ted and thank you for your help in this amazing opening. I wonder about this new reality and I am quite ready for a new adventure, but remember my friend not all who wander are lost.