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Sunday, May 8, 2011

What You Resist Persists

What You Resist Persists

Re-member that Every thought you have, whether it be a conscious or subconscious thought eventually Manifests itself in Your Reality.
From Neale...
What you resist persists...

This is is a marvelous teaching from Conversations with God. It explains so many of the things that have happened in my life.
When I first received this wisdom, I did not understand it. I could not see why this had to be true. Now, with deeper understanding, I see that it would be impossible for it not to be true.
The whole saying from CwG is, "What you resist persists, and what you look at disappears. That is, it ceases to have its illusory form."This is true because the mind creates everything. Everything that is was first an idea, or a thought in someone's mind. You cannot think a thing without beginning the process of placing it in your reality. Conversely, a thing cannot appear in your reality that has not been thought of. Maybe you never thought of it, but I can guarantee you that, somewhere in the Collective Consciousness, it has been thought of.
Knowing that this is true helps us to understand that the act of resisting a thing actually places it there. You cannot push against something that is not there. When you think of the thing that you don't want, you place it in consciousness at a very high level, with plenty of energy. Negative energy, to be sure, but energy nonetheless.
Energy creates your reality.
Energy IS your reality, experienced through the receptor that you call your present body.
That is all that your body is. Your body is an energy receptor and an energy transmitter. It receives energy and it transmits energy - as does every physical thing in the universe. (And every non-physical thing as well.)Your body IS energy. It is an energy package, as is all of Life. When you resist a piece of incoming negative energy, you actually enlarge it, because what you are doing is adding your negative energy to the incoming negative energy.
The more you think badly about it, the more difficult you make it for it to be removed from your experience.
That is why all masters have taught some version of the statement, "Judge not, and neither condemn."They know that what you condemn, condemns you.
Don't shut your eyes to something you don't desire or choose. Open your eyes and look at it squarely. Remember that "what you look at disappears." That is, it ceases to have its illusory form.
Often we do this kind of "looking" after the fact. A "disaster" passes and we look at it again in retrospect, only to conclude that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to us.
The true master sees this possibility in everything. And the true master sees this in the moment of an occurrence, not in its aftermath.
Yet if we are not to resist anything, then what shall be our enlightened response to an experience, condition or circumstance that we do not consciously choose, that we do not prefer?
Conversations with God says that "gratitude is the attitude." It recommends that we thank God for all that appears in our life, no matter what. "I know that this experience is perfect for me now, or I would not now be having it. Thank you, God." That is a very powerful prayer. It announces that we know in advance what some people only come to know in retrospect: that all things happen for our highest good.
If we are confused about this it is because we have become confused about what is our highest good.
Let's take a concrete example. Let's explore the events of September 11, 2001. On that day, life as we were living it ended for all of us. Everything changed in a very profound way, and things will not be the same on this planet. Now, on the surface of it, it would seem as if this was a horrible disaster. Many people died and others suffered terribly. Only if we thought that all this occurred for some higher good could we possibly reconcile our feelings about all this. Only if continuing life as we were living it was not in our highest good could we begin to imagine that the September 11 events could make any sense in a benevolent universe. Yet if we thought that this was a wake-up call that was badly needed, and that the souls assigned to this task undertook their duties courageously, serving all of humankind, we would think of it in an entirely different way. But how can we go to that place when the higher good is not obvious to us?
Faith. Or, better yet, what Conversations with God calls "knowing."We can know that nothing-absolutely nothing-happens that is not for our highest good, providing us the tools with which to proceed with our process of evolution. Only when we stop resisting what happened there, and begin to truly look at it, can we see it for what it really is. Its illusory form disappears. Then we can work with the experience in a way which transforms our planet and transforms our lives.
We don't have to do this, of course. All of us have free will. And if those who choose not to do it are in the majority, our collective experience will be one thing, while if they are in the minority, it will be another.
If those who are in the majority keep resisting that which they call evil, they will perpetuate evil (and even perpetrate evil) in their effort to resist evil. And so, the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son, even unto the seventh generation.
Humanity will continue to repeat its worst nightmares as long as it resists its greatest opportunities for insight.
This is true for everyone on the planet, collectively and individually, and it is true of everything in life that you would resist. Another reason not to resist something is the knowledge that you, yourself, have put it there. If you see yourself as being at the effect of the life experience you are now having, rather than being at cause in the matter, you may be tempted to resist the incoming energy, thereby giving more power to it.
Experts in the soft monk form of martial arts understand this. They know that resisting the incoming negative energy is the surest way to empower it. So they move into the energy, going with the flow, and thus transmuting and dissipating the negative aspect of that energy and turning it into a force for good.
CwG says there are no victims and there are no villains. That is because we are, each of us, creating our own moment to moment reality. Even these words, coming at you right now, have been caused to be there by YOU at some level.
Do not, therefore, resist it. Rather, look at it, and decide what it means. For you, and only you, can give your meaning to the experiences and events of your life, and of this moment.

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