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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


     Long before any of us knew anything about pet therapy, we were taking our
Potbellied Pigs to nursing homes, orphanages, special needs schools to show people
less fortunate than we were just how wonderful they really are.

     After doing this as a group for a few years a lot of us that really love this work have
branched off to do our own therapy work around the Delaware Valley. As our
reputation, and numbers have grown in the last few years we were unable to answer all
the calls that we got to bring our Potbellied Pigs to visit all the places that want them.

     Some of our Pets have been registered to The Delta Society as Pet Partners. This is
a national society that tests pets and their handlers to be able to go anywhere to do
this kind of therapy work. So far Delta is the only organization that tests other types of
animals besides just dogs and cats.

     You do not have to be registered to any group to do this work. There are a lot of
our piggies that continue to do regular visits without any certification, and it has
worked quite well. I have found that the places that I went to do not ask for
credentials. All they want is the Pig to come to visit with their clients.

     The Potbellied Pig makes a very special addition to any therapy group mostly
because they are so sweet and where someone might not even blink an eye at another
animal they almost always respond to the entrance of a little piggy to their lives.

     It is really easy to get started in this work. All that is needed is a really socialized
Potbellied Pig, and a nursing home in your area willing to have you visit. Call the home and introduce yourself and tell them what you have to offer. After the first time you will get calls.
from other homes ,because they network with each other.

     I would like to say that you will get more enjoyment than they do out of this
work, I know I did. The pigs love it too. Ask anyone that has done this, and you will
see what a joy it is for all involved. This is a very good thing. If you need more
information you can contact me: 

Rebecca DiNoifi 

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