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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Who are You ?

Who are You, Who-Who-Who-Who? Who the Hell are You?
This title will be recognized by all the old hippies out there as one of the greatest rock band's all time hit songs from.. The Who . I feel it is a great description of what is going on in our lives today more than ever.
I see it every day in the lives of my friends and in the world around me. Things have reached a fevered pitch to be and do what everyone else is trying to do. We are moving so fast we can't even keep up with ourselves. The treadmill we are on is out of control.
We have no time to breathe let alone enjoy what we are running so fast to achieve. We find something new every day that dissatisfies us about ourselves. Our dreams have gotten so big we aren't even in them anymore. Whatever happened to contentment? Where did the real you disappear to? Why do we have to be a certain way , For Who do we really live..? The people around us?
Why do we have to live a certain way and dress for success, What defines real success? A beautiful home? A good job? Lots of money? The latest fad or car? Fancy toys? A winning sports team?
Who dictates what true success really is.. Can most of us define it? What would you define your successes over the years as?
As I look back at my life of 73 years I have changed my definition of my successes many times. Most of those years I was just struggling to survive from day to day. I worked hard and tried to raise my 3 kids to be productive , kind , loving adults who would do the same.. I think I succeeded in that goal.
I never for one minute thought so many things would just happen to set me on the path I ended up on. Things happen that can change your life in a moment. My 3 heart attacks in the early 1990's were my rude awakening. It sure did teach me that no matter who you are and where you live or work or what diet you choose or clothes you wear or how much money you either do or don't have never matters and never will.
All that matters is what you do with what is given you and it better be something that defines love and keeps your soul alive not what you see in the mirror
In the end of all things there is nothing on this earth that matters more than who you love and who love you..Everything else is just a waste of time and energy. So stop and think who are you really? Service to self or service to others?
by Becky DiNolfi

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