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Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Enchanted Forest Meditation




My Enchanted Forest Meditation

by: Fire Elf Shimmer

Please sit down somewhere peaceful and quiet and close your eyes as you just imagine you are sitting under a big Maple tree enjoying the cool shade made by his huge branches.After sitting there for a while you may start taking a few deep cleansing breaths.

After you are completely comfortable you begin to arise and start to follow the path you took to get there.  You are beginning to realize you can no longer recognize anything around you. It seems that you have lost the path you were on and you are starting to feel a little light headed, actually you are starting to feel very light all over. In the distance you hear the quiet tinkle of tiny bells and the soft mesmerizing sound of running water coming from a distant brook. You keep heading towards the sound of the brook.Every once in a while you think you hear a giggle or a whisper in the distance .

You are feeling more and more peaceful as you get closer to the sounds you are hearing. Your breathing is getting shallower as you start to feel safe and grateful for being here with all the forest critters.

Just when you think you're tired legs won't take you one more step you see the small cool brook peeking through the woods in front of you.  When you finally arrive at the waters edge you begin to search for a comfortable place to sit down .  You immediately find an inviting tree person to to rest under.  Taking a deep breath you begin removing your moccasins and you place your feet in the brook.  Lying back against the tree you listen to the water trickle methodically over the rocks. You have no idea where you are or how you even got here nor do you even care at this point. You have no fear because ,you feel only love, peace and joy as you take in your surroundings.

Completely relaxed you take another deep cleansing breath as you stretch out you can finally close your eyes and just breathe deeply. You are beginning to notice that your noisy mind is getting quiet. Step by step you allow your entre body  completely relax.

Down , down, down you go, you feel only Peace, as you hear the song of a bird singing beautifully and a chipmunk moving past you as it scurries up your tree person.. Breathe, breathe, breathe deeply.

As you lay there you can feel the cool brook rushing over your bare feet and you can imagine how wonderful it would be if you could just stay in this enchanted place forever.

Breathing in the sweet fragrances' that are all around you , you feel sleepy and peaceful as you enjoy the healing that is coming from the tree person you are sharing this moment with. You can also hear the whispers in the breeze as the tree people speak to each other and some tinkling of tiny bells from the fairy realm . It sounds like they are talking about you, but you are unable to make out their fairy speech.

You Lay there quiet and peaceful for what seems like a very long time when you take a glance around you notice the shadows are starting to grow short on the forest floor, signifying the day is quickly creeping away and it will soon be late afternoon and you will need to depart from this magical realm.

Taking another deep cleansing breath you lovingly bless the tree person and thank him kindly for the healing you received and then you exchange names and vow to meet again very soon on this very spot. Then you dry your cold wet feet on the moss you were sitting on and thank it while you put your moccasins back on, and turning to the surrounding woods  you bless them and thank them as you bid them all farewell. Now you can begin your long journey home with the feeling of undying love and contentment beaming from your heart center..

Breathing slowly as you find the lost path .

When you arrive back at the edge of the wild you turn to look one last time before you leave this enchanted space and time and you can feel the gratitude emanate from the woodland realm as it thanks you back for your healing visit.

Then with a heart felt sadness you leave your path with the intention to return again to visit the friends you met this day inside your enchanted forest..

When you are ready you may open your eyes and return home..to reality.Winking smile

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