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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outrageous Older Woman

An Outrageous Older Women
I am an outrageous older woman who has arrived at that place in my life where the only thing that counts is who you love and who loves you . My first pig Reggie was the little black bundle of porcine joy who saved my life. Having had 3 heart attacks within the span of 1 1/2 years I was living in fear . Reggie took that fear away and healed me. She took me on the journey of my life. She gave me inspiration, patients, laughter, and eternal friends . She taught me how to live in the moment, how to smell the flowers, every one, how it's not important how you look, but what's in your heart that counts. She made me an activist , writer , AA therapy partner, Reggie gave me the life I would never have dreamed , but most of all she gave me LOVE and devotion. Reggie has passed into spirit now but her inspiration lives on as I help save homes for the next generation of potbellied pigs. She left her mark on everyone's heart that she met, doing her job as a Therapy pet partner for over 14 years . I dedicate this blog to her and all the other potbellied pigs who made a difference in someone's life. They have Left Hoof Prints on the Hearts of those who chose to love a pig.
By Rebecca DiNolfi

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